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If you travel to Vietnam, I"m sure you can"t see both good and bad aspects. Although I really appreciate that you would politely say Vietnam is OK, "not so bad", in order to answer this question, I may have to tell you how bad Vietnam is.


How do you think it can be "bad" enough to make people want to emigrate? Political issues? environmental problems? Social welfare issues? Vietnam has all these problems.


Listen, we love our country. Speaking of the country, I mean what nature has given us: land, oceans, atmosphere, natural resources and beautiful scenery. We like many aspects of culture (although some are conventional and backward). We love our language, we like our food very much, and most importantly, we love our family here, and we love Vietnam.


However, we may want to leave. Even those who have not planned yet will occasionally have such thoughts. Many people will go abroad to live as soon as they have a chance. Why?


Because the environment here, whether natural or political, is not suitable for living. People do not trust the authorities. The corruption rate is the worst in the world. The bad infrastructure is not because they do not have money to improve it (investment such as ODA is huge), but because politicians have been stealing money into their own pockets and the use of investment is inefficient. Now, the environmental problem has appeared again. The biggest scandal in the environmental field happened recently: a steel factory named FORMOSA admitted that it threw tons of toxic waste into land and water, causing the death of a large number of fish.


It is estimated that the toxic waste discharged into the sea by FORMOSA will damage the entire coastal ecosystem, which will take several years to recover. In addition, it is reported that fish in the sea area have been poisoned, so if we eat them, they will be poisoned. We never know whether our food is healthy. I don"t think I need to tell you how serious the problems of water pollution and air pollution caused by industrialization are. Due to the extensive use of chemical fertilizers in agriculture, most of the food we eat is considered to be toxic to some extent.


For most people, health care is expensive and corruption is pervasive. (The rich and officials enjoy the preferential access to medical resources, and this kind of corruption can be seen everywhere.).


If you live in Vietnam just to enjoy life, it"s still good. But when problems occur, such as when you are sick or in legal trouble, you will see problems. It seems that young people can hardly see the future.


I"m not saying it"s right or wrong to want to escape this country. Of course, Vietnam is not all bad, just as the West is not all good. But people do have reasons. Regardless of their cynicism, it is still reasonable that this country urgently needs change.



Because living in Vietnam is like living in an abused family, dominated by manipulative, selfish and stupid politicians. Imagine if your father pesters you every day, earns little money, and uses your hard earned money to buy wine. He scolds you and says:


_ I do this because I love you and everything I do is for you.


When you fight back, they will say:


_ It is your responsibility to love your family, and family comes first.


They hold all power and capital. They use this advantage for their own benefit, while ordinary people suffer.


I can live in a polluted environment.


I can live in a poor country.


I can live in a community with low education.


I love my family, my people and my community. Many people do. We live as a whole, and we Vietnamese people do not advocate individualism like the western people. We live as a community and care about each other. It is painful to leave your community or your family to live in a foreign land.


As long as the government is willing to solve problems and truly cares about the people, the people will stay.


But they didn"t. They only care about their so-called lofty ideals.


That"s why many people want to leave. We cannot live with a government that is insane, morally corrupt and selfish. Those who still have hope for this country are:


-Ignorance, do not know the pain of others.


-Benefit from a corrupted system.


-Still believe that they can help improve and develop society (like me).



This question reminds me of my dating life not long ago. You know? I have a crush on a girl, and she knows I like her. Unfortunately, I"m not very good at talking with girls, so no matter what I do, she doesn"t give me any response. In the end, we parted ways and embarked on a different path.


In retrospect, if she chose me, she may make me a very happy person, but at the same time she may question this choice for the rest of her life, so it will affect our relationship and make our future life worse. On the contrary, it may be the best thing in our relationship that she chose to leave me, because I didn"t have the courage to leave her, which destroyed my life in the process.


I feel the same way about immigration. Whether at home or abroad, there are a group of people who do not want Vietnam to move forward. No matter what the government does, they will not change their minds. For them, the biggest enemy is the Vietnamese government. These people all want to escape the country as soon as possible. Fortunately, since the early 1990s, they have been free to leave the country, either through an orderly departure plan (for partners of the South Vietnamese government) or through the student road.


For example, after the recent Trinh Hsuan Thanh incident, until now, Vietnamese organizations in Germany have still sent letters to the German government asking for an embargo on Vietnamese, which will indirectly affect me and my family, as well as all the people of Vietnam. I think if they really want freedom and democracy in Vietnam, they will not do so.

例如,最近在Trinh Hsuan Thanh事件发生后,直到现在,在德国仍有越南裔组织致函德国政府,要求对越南人实施禁运,这将间接影响到我和我的家人,以及越南的全体人民。我想,如果他们真正想要的是越南的自由和民主,他们不会这么做。

Let"s look at the real reason behind the move: people want to live in a better place.


Not only Vietnam, but also a large number of people want to immigrate to the United States every year. According to the data of the Institute of Immigration Policy, 41.3 million people currently living in the United States are immigrants, 48% of whom report that their race is white, 26% are Asian (possibly in the Indian and Chinese circles), 9% are black, and 15% are of other races. Even Elon Musk was an immigrant. There are rumors that Arnold Schwarzenegger is an illegal immigrant.


It is reported that in Europe, there are 32.5 million foreigners in the 27 EU countries, equivalent to 6.5% of the total population. Most of them, i.e. 20.2 million, are nationals of third countries (i.e. citizens of non EU countries), while the remaining 12.3 million are citizens of another member state.


When asked why they want to leave Vietnam, one of the reasons I always hear people talk about is that they don"t want to live in a country with corrupt officials, traffic chaos and environmental pollution. Their reason may be true, but I doubt that the reason is just an excuse. When Vietnam becomes a middle-income country, people will come back in droves, just like China.


From my point of view, as a law-abiding citizen, I always receive worse treatment than those who oppose the Vietnamese government, and still have milk for my children.



People in every country want to move. However, now more and more people are able to do this, which is becoming more and more popular in Vietnam. They either have money or the skills they need to survive in a foreign environment. In other words, they are the upper class of Vietnam. I can think of the reasons why some wealthier people want to move out:


-Government: The corruption rate in Vietnam is very high, and it is unlikely to improve soon. People have lost their trust in the government and their belief that they can take action to change it. When you can"t change the status quo, you"d better quit.


-Low standard of living: even with money, life here will be very difficult. You can easily see pollution, food hygiene and bad business practices in the media. People do not feel safe and protected about these things. They often compare the living conditions here with those of more developed countries such as Singapore, Australia, the United States, and even Thailand and Malaysia.


-People: The ordinary people are still not well educated. Bad habits are everywhere. People will not apologize even if they do something wrong, and decency and politeness have not been popularized. Overseas Vietnamese intellectuals are generally angry at the behavior of other people and think that this is one of the biggest reasons why they do not want to return.


-Tradition: Vietnam is a conservative society with many traditions and social norms. It destroys individual growth and is conducive to group integration. This is also very unfair to women, which has brought them too much burden and responsibility, unable to balance family and work. The trend of Vietnamese upper class women marrying foreigners is growing, so they do not have to fully cope with this situation.


-Transfer money out: Some people migrate to find a safe haven for their money. This may be money earned through illegal means, or it may be money that needs to be protected to prevent Vietnam"s unstable banking system.


Whatever the reason, this country is not as good as you think, which is a painful fact. This is a good place to visit, but it"s not pleasant to stay for a long time. We can do many things to improve the life here, but once there is a good opportunity to move, it is hard to refuse.



There are many reasons why people want to move to the United States or European countries. I will just give a few examples.


1. People yearn for European and American life. When I was in Vietnam, I heard people bragging about how much money they made. American life is paradise.


2. Better higher education. Vietnam"s pre university education is one of the best IMO. However, university is not a good place. That"s why people send their children to America for better education. Some of them married Americans and brought their families over.


3. More opportunities. Vietnam is still a developing country, so there are not many job opportunities, especially in advanced fields. Most people go to business schools and find jobs in banking or related fields.


4. The system relies too much on contacts rather than talents. Although it will be easier to find a job in the United States if you also have contacts, it will be more difficult to find a good job in Vietnam if you do not know the people in the system. You may eventually work for some people who have political power but do not have this knowledge. It is less likely that this will happen to foreign companies.


My family emigrated to the United States because of immigration. I dropped out two years after I graduated from Vietnam"s economic school. I went to MIT to study engineering, found a job where I wanted to go, and pursued my dream freely. So I think America is better for me.




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